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The #startTODAY 52-week Savings Challenge

photo-money-dietIs saving money one of your new year’s resolutions, or something you want to make a priority in 2015? Then keep reading!This month, as part of our #StartTODAY series, #TeamJean will take the 52-week Savings Challenge — and if you join us, you’ll end the year with $1378 to your name.

That’s a big deal. According to Bankrate.com, 26% of Americans have no emergency savings at all, and the number of those with enough to cover six months worth of expenses shrank from 45% a year ago to 40% today.

There are different ways to save — some people save their windfalls, like tax refunds or bonuses — but the very best way to do it is habitually (i.e. every week) and automatically (so that you don’t really have to think about it.)

Enter: the 52-week Savings Challenge. Here’s how it works:

In week 1, you save $1.

In week 2, you save $2.

In week 3, you save $3.

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