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The Money Mom: Finding Flexible Employment

This week, I invited one of my favorite sources on work/life balance – something we’re all striving for – to write a guest post about finding a job that works with your hectic schedule. Allison O’Kelly is CEO of Mom Corps, a flexible-employment staffing service. The company provides employers who are looking for part-time workers with a pool of candidates, and professionals with flexible job opportunities.

Allison 2009In today’s economy, it’s hard enough to find a job – let alone, a flexible one that suits your needs both as a professional and a working mom.  But don’t despair – in actuality, this may be one of the BEST times to land the flexible gig you need to finally achieve and maintain some form of life/work fit.

While the economy has definitely taken a toll on the job market, it has also forced us companies and employees to reevaluate how we work – and we have seen flexibility placed at the forefront of this change. When companies couldn’t afford to reward and entice employees with bonuses or raises, they were forced to get creative and offer flexible work schedules, four-day work weeks, sabbaticals, and telecommuting options instead.  When workers could not find full-time, traditional positions, they in turn started freelancing, contracting, and even interning.  Both corporations and workers have seen the benefits of workplace flexibility in terms of morale and profits, and the average 9 to 5 has been redefined during the recession.

So how can you find a flexible job that matches your skill set and experience?

Most importantly, have fun!  There are some great flexible opportunities out there just waiting for you!

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