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Random Thoughts On A Pretty Friday

suncloud* I told New York Magazine for their 21 Questions column that I thought Donald Trump was a pretty good father.   After meeting Taylor Swift’s dad this morning, I think he may be even better.

* Maybe you have to go through a life-threatening situation in order to live life fully.  At the aforementioned Taylor Swift concert I also met Kathy Guisti, founder of the Multiple Myeloma foundation, and as well as a patient.  She was having more fun in the rain than most of the kids and reminded me: We are all, in our own way, terminal, and need to live life that way.

* Never cut your daffodils after they die.  Simply tie them in bundles and let them wither away.

* If you can cut one car trip from your home each day, you’ll save an average 8 miles.  That’s 56 a week.   Or 2912 a year.  With gas at nearly $3 a gallon, that’s $546 in my car.  (Admittedly a gas guzzler.  I’m trading down soon.)

* My dog needs a bath.  I think I’ll give him one myself this weekend and use the $40 for something else.

* Chris Gardner stopped by my radio show this week to talk about his new book Start Where You Are.  He argued against having a Plan B.  Why?  Because he said it stops you from pursuing Plan A with a vengeance.  Although I could listen to Chris all day (he, better than anyone, channels Barry White), I disagree on this point.  With unemployment creeping up toward double digits I think we all need to be asking ourselves the question: What Would I Do, If I Couldn’t Do This?

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