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Random Thoughts On A Beautiful Saturday

randomcloud* What is it with this weather?  It’s rainy — at least in my part of the country — during the week, then beautiful over the weekend.  Been this way for the past several weeks.  I suppose it’s better than the other way around.

* Money saving tip of the week: Discount parking.  Before driving into New York or another big city, decide where you’re going to park then print out a coupon to do it on the cheap.  What I like best?  Tax (which is a killer in NY at 18 percent) is included!!

* Another form of id theft to worry you?  Medical id theft, as reported by my pal Wally Konrad in today’s NYTimes. How can you avoid it?  The Times suggests: Keep track of your insurance cards, ask for a copy of your medical records on a regular basis, ask your insurer for a yearly list of everything billed to you.  And, it should go without saying, this is another reason to check your credit report — for free — every four months (pull them on a rotating basis) at annualcreditreport.com.

* New to me…. I’d heard of internships.  But Doug Hirschhorn, a guest on my radio show this week, suggested that people of all ages looking for a job consider offering to take the job for a test drive — without pay — for two to four weeks.  Evidently, it’s a pheonomenon.   But I’m on the fence, does it make you look like you really want the job?  Or like you have no other options?  What do you think?

* Time flies.  Last night, I went for the first time to see a tradition in my little village.  Before the senior prom the entire senior class gathers in what we call the pavillion and much of the population comes to take pictures and give them a send off.  Amazing to see these kids whom I remember from their middle school days looking like grown-ups.  What to do with those dresses when you won’t wear them again?  How about donating them to the Cinderella Project so other girls can go to their proms next year (bridesmaid’s dresses too….).

Have a great weekend!!

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