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Product Spotlight: Shop-A-Long Organizer and Plan, Budget and Save Notepad

odHi everyone! To get you more acquainted with my new Mead products for Office Depot, I’ve decided to highlight one or two items each week. This week, I want to give you a closer look at the Shop-A-Long Organizer and the Plan, Budget and Save Notepad.

The Shop-A-Long Organizer is one of my personal favorites from the line, because it combines two of the things that normally end up scattered around in my purse: coupons and my shopping lists. This compact, spiral-bound notebook has the space for you to write your lists and pockets for you to store your coupons. Plus, there are number bubbles on each page that allow you to track your spending and stay on-budget. It only costs $6.99, and I have a feeling it will pay for itself pretty quickly. After all, I lost a $5 coupon for the drug store in the depths of my bag the other day… and that’s just what I lost this week!

The Plan, Budget and Save Notepad was designed to help maximize your grocery list — and minimize impulse purchases that add up and cost you decent amounts of money. On the left of the page is space for you to plan your meals for each day of the week: chicken and potatoes on Monday, a ham steak and macaroni and cheese on Tuesday, etc, etc. On the right is space for you to write out your shopping list based on these planned meals. I like to make the process a bit of a game, and see how many things I can buy that might last for two meals. (For instance, I use any leftover ham in omelets the next day.) At the bottom of the page are number bubbles to help you track your spending. The pages are perforated at the top, so once you do your planning, you can tear off the page, stick it in your wallet and go! You can get these for just $8.99 each.

I’ll be highlighting other products in the weeks to come, so stay tuned here!

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