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Do you feel consumed with money concerns? As if every day, you’re having to focus on one financial roadblock or another? And even if you manage to pull through, it takes all your time and effort — and it triggers massive stress? Most people don’t know the best ways to manage their finances or the best ways to handle tough money issues. Dealing with these struggles is so much easier if you have the proper guidance. That’s why I started Money School – so that you don’t have to go through it alone. The challenges you face are the same ones I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people conquer. Now I’m here to help you, too.


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What is Money School?

Money School is my offering of various financial classes geared to provide you with my best tips and strategies to take control of your finances. I offer six different classes designed to give you the confidence you need to conquer common money concerns like debt, retirement, estate planning, investing, and budgeting. Each of these classes is available streamed live on a set schedule via Money School Live.

Jumpstart Your Finances (How Even Beginners Can Take Financial Control)

Not sure where to start? When it comes to your money, I’ve got your answer. This class is the foundation for getting your finances on track and building a secure future. We’ll hit on the most important areas of your financial life – smart spending, supercharged saving, conquering debt, managing your credit, and protecting yourself and your family – and help you build momentum to move in the right direction. You’ll emerge with a checklist of exactly what you have to do next.

Budgeting Bootcamp

When you live below your means, you can save, you can pay down debt, you can invest. When you don’t, you’re constantly struggling to get ahead. In this class, I’ll teach you how to create a smart spending plan (or budget, for those of you who don’t think that’s a dirty word). I’ll help you figure out where, exactly, your money is going, where it should be going, and how to get from point A to point Z. Then I’ll show you my favorite high- and low-tech ways to make spending less than you make a habit you’ll stick to for the rest of your life.

Jean Chatzky on NBC Today

The Debt Diet (Pay It Down! And Build Your Credit Up)

This is the course that has helped millions of people get out of debt on just $10 a day. It was the basis for The Debt Diet on the Oprah Winfrey Show (though it’s been updated for today’s tougher credit environment). I’ll help you find that extra money to throw toward your debts, figure out which to pay off first and boost your credit score to lower your interest rates. Bonus: You’ll learn how to build emergency savings simultaneously.

A Crash Course in Saving More (and Spending Less)

Chances are, you don’t save enough. Most people don’t. That’s likely for two reasons: You don’t have the tactical skills that can help you save money (by spending less) on just about everything and you don’t know the mind games that are crucial for saving success. In this course, I’ll teach you both. You’ll also learn my all-important Hierarchy of Savings Needs (yes, there is an order to saving — and you should follow it.) And I’ll show you precisely where to put savings to earn the most on your money.

Yes, You Can Retire

Despite what you’ve heard, you can retire – and live as well as you’re living today, if not better. In this course, I’ll help you outline your retirement goals and calculate how much cash you’ll need on hand to meet them. We’ll discuss how to invest the money you’re saving so that it can do its best work for you. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of Social Security–how it plays into the picture and when to take it. And then, we’ll focus on making your money last as long as you do.

Protect Your Financial Life

Once you’re on track to building a secure financial future, you need to protect the blocks you’ve put in place. In this class, we’ll talk about how you can do that. We’ll go over your insurance options — life, disability and long-term care — as well as estate planning must-haves like wills, powers of attorney, and healthcare proxies. All of these help you protect yourself, and your wealth, without worry, so you can enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build.

Bonus! This semester I’ve invited Tim Maurer, a financial planner, Forbes blogger, and author of the book The Ultimate Financial Plan, to teach an investing course through Money School Live.

Simple Investing

Investing is not easy, but it can be simple. It’s not easy because there are domestic and global economics to consider. There are strange, historical patterns you can’t ignore. Most importantly, there are detailed analyses of a company’s revenue, profit, earnings, and a million other things screaming for your attention. The good news is that you don’t need to master any of that in order to beat the majority of Wall Street’s brightest minds. That’s because Wall Street’s brightest minds don’t, on average, outperform “the market.” Simple Investing will give you the tools and confidence necessary to compose a world-class, evidence-based portfolio in seven steps that are surprisingly, elegantly simple.


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Why should I enroll in Money School?

You are probably here on my site because you’ve already learned from the financial advice I’ve provided on NBC Today or in one of my many best-selling books. But if you’re new to me and are not sure if I can help you, see what others have said after taking a Money School class:

“I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class! You definitely inspired me and motivated me to get on track with budgeting. I never realized the importance of writing it all down, but after you explained how easy it is to spend invisible money on various things without even thinking about it, it now makes complete since to me why it is so important to track every penny spent on a daily basis. Thank you so much!” – Angela, Budgeting Bootcamp participant
“After last week’s class I have saved over $3,000 per year!! No one should miss class!” – Kenny, Jumpstart Your Finances participant
“I am actually excited to start budgeting!” – Katie, Budgeting Bootcamp participant
“I left the session with many clear cut to-do list items that I am definitely planning on implementing.” – Jan, Jumpstart Your Finances participant
“I really like the Where You Stand budget tool that automatically populates from the spending tracker. It’s not as difficult to track spending as I expected. Very helpful and the easiest tool I’ve found so far. Thanks for that!” – Jane, Budgeting Bootcamp participant
“I’m finding myself so much more aware of where my money is leaking out – wow, pet food adds up.” – Susan, Budgeting Bootcamp participant
“I’ve always wanted to find a money course but was intimidated by the sentiment that I’d not saved enough already and had no chance at retiring. Your energy and step-wise logic was comforting. Glad I signed for all sessions!” – Susan, Jumpstart Your Finances participant
“Thank you, Jean. That was just what I needed. I’m 48, remarried with stepkids, and my dear dad who passed away 6 months ago was always so good with money, and I feel like I’ve always been a teenager about it. Time to grow up…in his memory….and make him proud. And you have helped immensely.” – Glenda, Jumpstart Your Financesparticipant
“I very much enjoyed the Jumpstart Your Finances class last evening. It was a good topic for a foundation course at your Money School. Having the class ‘skyped’ made it feel more personal and intimate, as if you were speaking to each of us directly. One of the reasons I enjoyed it was that you suggested people make small changes to gain confidence before moving to the next level. Sometimes, wondering what to do first is so overwhelming that people do nothing.” – Catherine, Jumpstart Your Financesparticipant
“Money School has been so helpful and eye-opening!” – Susan, Yes, You Can Retire participant
“Having the office hours a week later is very helpful.” – Chris, Yes, You Can Retire participant
“Thanks for the office hours…I’m learning a ton just reading the conversations.” – Paige, Yes, You Can Retire participant

I’m Ready! Now What?

Jean Chatzky's Money School

Great! I’m excited to help get you on track and alleviate your financial stress.

If you want to start learning immediately, you can enroll in one of my on-demand recorded Money School classes. If you can wait and want access to not only the class materials, but also a live Q&A and a week of online, chat-based Office Hours (time to ask me all of your burning questions!) you should enroll in one of my real-time streaming Money School Live classes.

Of course, if you’re really dedicated to learning more about how you can take control of your finances and make money work for you, I urge you to consider my bulk packages for Money School Live, which can allow you to not only secure your seat for multiple classes but also save up to 15% off the regular cost.

Hurry though — my live classes are filling up quickly. Make sure to sign up right away if you feel Money School is for you. Click one of the buttons below to view the class schedule and start your enrollment.


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Have any questions about Money School? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to helping you!

— Jean

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