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Keep Your Identity Safe This Holiday Season

Picture-1 Tomorrow, as you may have heard, is Free Shipping Day. It’s exactly what it sounds like – over 1,000 merchants will be waiving shipping charges for customers who shop on their websites.

It’s a great deal, and in many cases, your last chance to shop online and have your purchase delivered by Christmas Eve (unless, of course, you’re willing to pay extra for expedited shipping).

With all of this online shopping comes elevated security risks. I recently collaborated with Norton and Javelin Strategy & Research on a new study that found that consumers are under-informed about three key areas: location-based services, mobile phone transactions, and online passwords. In other words, we’re telling people where we are (via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter), using our phones to check our bank balances, and making our passwords too obvious (Hint: If it’s the name of your dog or your birthday, it’s time to switch it up).So here, some tips to keep you safe tomorrow and in the new year:

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