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Frugal Friday: Eyewear and Paint

frugalfridayWelcome to Frugal Friday, a new weekly feature in which we highlight the best deals for the weekend — and beyond. You may know that Jean has a similar segment on the Today show — sometimes we’ll repurpose those deals, often we’ll feature new ones we find.

If you’re planning home improvements or need some new eyeglasses — widely different categories, I know — this is your week. Here’s what’s happening in each area:

On the segment this morning, we also featured viewer Amanda’s tip for saving money. I’d love to hear your tips as well — and they may be featured in an upcoming Today segment! Email them to me at jean@jeanchatzky.com.



Amanda’s tip:
“We have 4 credit cards with different cash back bonuses (1-5%). Each month I put sticky notes on them so we know which card to use at which location. For instance, normally I would use Chase at a restaurant (3%), but when Discover gives 5%, we know to use that card instead. Everything that can go on a credit card, does. As long as you have the discipline to pay in full every month and pick cards with no annual fees, it works great! We are on a very limited budget and still make $500-$600 a year in bonuses.”






And, in case you missed it, here’s the full segment from this morning’s Today:

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