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What You Didn’t See On Money 911

If you watch all or part of the video below you’ll see what happened on Today’s Money 911.

What won’t you see?  Al Roker with his hand up in the air stopping us as we — David Bach, Carmen Wong Ulrich and I –clammored to jump in and tell you more of what you needed to know about each and every question.  

For instance: You’ll see Loren ask about taking out another student loan (he already has one) and wanting to buy a house in the next two years.  Carmen told him what he needed to know about getting the best deal on that loan — she was appropriately On The Money — but I was chomping at the bit.  Why?  Because this is one of those of times when you have to choose.  Can you take out more, perhaps significantly more, in student loans AND buy a house.  I wouldn’t advise it unless you’ve got a steady income while you’re in school and know that you can truly afford that house.

There was also a question from the line up of folks across the street at Dean and DeLuca that we didn’t even get to on the air.   Is there anything in the stimulus plan for middle class folks?  Is there ever! A $400 to $800 tax credit; money for college; money for first time home buyers.   Make sure you get what’s coming to you!

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