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Calling All Teachers

Money Night Talk LogoDear Teachers,

I have a homework suggestion for the night of September 16 — charge your students to go home and talk with their parents about money.

As I’m sure you know, we have a financial literacy crisis in America.  All too often, kids don’t have a good grasp on the basics of money management, and neither do their parents.  So, working with the Council for Economic Education, and with the support of American Express, I developed a set of tools parents can use to talk to their kids about money – and vice versa.You can find the tools at moneynighttalk.com.  They’re free and they were written to jibe with the results of a piece of research we conducted to get at what – specific – financial information both kids and parents say they need most.

So please, join us, and spread the word about the talk and the website – again, it’s moneynighttalk.com – using your school website, PTA newsletter, Facebook, Twitter or whatever your preferred means of communication happens to be.  Oh – and then visit me here, or on facebook.com/jeanchatzky – and let me know how it goes.  We’re hoping this will be the first of many money nights and with your support, it can be.

I’ve included some text below that you can give to your students as a handout, or email to them or to their parents.  Please fill in the blanks or edit it so that it works for you.

In advance, thanks so much!

Jean Chatzky

Hey Mom and/or Dad,

My teacher ___________ and Jean Chatzky, financial editor of the Today show, want us to talk about money.  In fact, that’s my homework assignment for ___________.

We need to go to moneynighttalk.com and download the Middle School or High School toolkit.  It will walk us through the most important points.  The whole thing can be accomplished during about the amount of time we spend eating dinner (actually, doing it over dinner is fine as well.)

Then tomorrow, I’m to report back about how our discussion went and what I learned.  And Jean would love you to visit her on facebook.com/jeanchatzky or her website jeanchatzky.com and give her your impressions, too.

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