The Difference

My motivational book, The Difference, answers the question: Why is it that some people seem to move relatively easily from paycheck-to-paycheck into comfort or wealth, while others get stuck or – worse – fall back? Not to toot my own horn, but you need this book now more than ever. These days, you need to know how to make your own luck, how to zero in on the things youʼre doing everyday – right and wrong – that have an effect on your bottom line. The Difference will show you how to develop your intuition so you can recognize when to take a risk, help you increase your resilience in this bad economy, and tell you why itʼs important to pinpoint your passion and make it your career (believe me, the money will follow).

All of this is based on a study I did with Merrill Lynch and Harris Interactive. We surveyed more than 5,000 people from all walks of life, then dug deep, to uncover the factors that made The Difference.

The good news? For the bulk of the people at the top of the financial ladder, wealth has come in the last ten years. Some had a brilliant idea that satisfied a need in the market and quickly blossomed into a multimillion-dollar business. Some saved steadily over the years and are now enjoying the fruits of those labors. And others took risks that paid off in a big way. The bottom line: You have the power to make The Difference for yourself.