Make Money, Not Excuses

If you want to get rich, you need only do four things:

  1. Make a decent living.
  2. Spend less than you make.
  3. Invest the money you donʼt spend.
  4. Protect the financial world you build so that a disaster doesnʼt take it all away from you.

Sounds easy, I know. So why, then, is it so hard, particularly for women?

Because women, more than men, make excuses. We tell ourselves that we’re “just not good with money,” or that our husbands “like taking care of the finances.” We convince ourselves that we deserve that new pair of shoes, or that we’re too disorganized to tackle the tower of financial paperwork on the desk.

These excuses are a problem. They allow us to believe that itʼs okay to stay out of the game when it comes to money, or push off goals like saving for retirement for one more year. I understand this. In fact, I used to say some of these things myself. But having a hand in your finances means, believe it or not, worrying less. You donʼt have to wonder if you can afford those shoes, or if you need to push off the family vacation, because you know. Youʼve seen the account balances with your very own eyes.

In this book, I take all of the excuses women make about money and turn them on their heads. I tell you how to decode useless financial jargon to understand what your financial statements are telling you, how to save more money (and where to put it) and why you – yes, you – are likely already a great investor.