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A Recipe From My Kitchen!

potatoMy herb garden has saved me big time at the grocery store. I’m growing basil, dill, parsley (two kinds), sage, rosemary, thyme and tarragon.  Miraculously, I haven’t killed anything yet!

Here’s the recipe for my herb-roasted potatoes:


Preheat oven to 300 degrees.
Cube red bliss potatoes (or whatever you have, I’ve used Idahos, and fingerlings, too) into chunks roughly 3/4 inch square.
I use approx 1/3 potatoes per person.  Use more if you’re big eaters.
Leave the skin on, it tastes best crispy.
Put in a pyrex dish.
Peel and smash 4-5 cloves garlic.
Grab a big handful of herbs.  Use whatever mix you like best and chop them up.  They don’t have to be miniscule.
Sprinkle the whole pan with some extra virgin olive oil — not too much, you just want to lightly coat — and stir it around.
Sprinkle with sea salt, kosher salt, or if you can find it Maldon salt (best stuff going!!)
Bake for a good hour and a half to two hours, longer if you can do it.
If you don’t have that much time, increase the temp to 450.  Just remember to stir the potatoes every 20 mins or so, so they don’t burn.


p.s. I’ve also made this as a potato/mushroom/herb roast with crimini mushrooms.  It’s similarly delish.

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