I believe every single one of us has a superpower. Mine is taking the complicated world of money and explaining it in ways we can all understand. That’s true whether I’m doing a three-minute segment on TV or giving a 45-minute keynote, writing a book or composing a tweet. And I’m convinced it has never been more important.

Like it or not, we all have more responsibility for our financial lives than any generation that came before us. There are certain things we have to do (five things, actually) if we want to be able to create the lives we want, support the people we love and — this is key — stress a little less about the future.

What I’ve also learned in over two decades immersed in people and their money is that it’s completely possible. And the more of us that engage positively with our money, the faster this message will spread, and the better off we’ll all be. So thanks for stopping by.

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